Naming the studio was easy. I wanted the name to reflect directly the concept behind it which was to deliver people authentic Pilates in the purest form possible. So much of the Pilates people encounter all over the world is unfortunately not Pilates, the work of Joe Pilates. In fact, it is quite difficult to find studios even in major cities that teach the original work. Learning to teach the method takes years… you won’t find a good Pilates teacher in every corner. Also the studio needs to have all the pieces of equipment that Joe Pilates invented and there are a lot of them! Reformer, cadillac, spine corrector, ladder barrel, wunda chair, electric chair, pedi pull, quillotine, foot corrector, baby chair, neck stretcher, toe name a few. Each piece of apparatus has its purpose, a job to do, to change bodies. The more I felt the magic of the method in my own body, the more evident it became to me that I needed to share it with as many people as I could. People need Pilates..authentic Pilates..because it works!

PURE was born from this desire to share Joe’s amazing work, his brilliance. People who knew him called him “the genius of the body”, and it is so true as every day I get to witness how his method works magic in my students no matter what the issues are. That is the reason that I haven’t got bored with my job, and I continue to be excited about it and how it changes peoples bodies for the better.

We want PURE to be your new Pilates home, a comfortable and welcoming place where you can come and feel the magic yourself.

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