Our Team

PURE Pilates is proud to have some of the most experienced Pilates instructors in the region. Between our team of 4 teachers, we have over 32 years of experience, and we speak 8 different languages. Our team is committed to the real work of Joseph Pilates – sculpting bodies and changing lives.


Founder of Pure / Instructor
Susanna has been teaching Pilates since 2003. She originally studied with Stott Pilates in Oxford and completed their full certification in 2007.

Her thirst for learning more led to the discovery of classical Pilates and she has been hooked ever since.

Susanna has spent the last 5 years travelling around the world training with the world’s leading classical Pilates trainers. In 2013 she was accepted to study under Jay Grimes in Vintage Pilates Los Angeles, a first generation master teacher who worked in Joseph and Clara Pilates’s studio over 10 years. She completed their intensive Masters Programme in 2014 and got invited to continue the mentorship programme with Jay until 2016.

Having managed a Pilates studio in Saudi Arabia and worked in several in Dubai, she opened her first own studio PURE in October 2014.

Elena Jbara

Elena discovered PILATES 10 years ago after giving birth to her first son.
She has suffered many injuries when she was a child and went through many surgeries.
So as a result was not allowed any physical actives, other than physical therapy.
But after discovering PILATES she understood the importance of sustainable approach to corrective exercises in order to improve her physical health and support the weakening joints.
Elena graduated from Pure PILATES teachers training, completing 600 hrs of training in a year time.
At the same time she took a course with Vintage PILATES Los Angeles, to dive deeper into understanding classical method.
She is fully devoted to the method and striving to achieve the best results with every session. Her Moto is “Pilates session takes only 1 hour of your day – make the best out of it!” And take it through your day!

Olga Besprozvannaya

Olga was first introduced to Classical Pilates in 2009 in Russia where she attended a workshop by Elder Jay Grimes. This encounter motivated her to begin her teacher training with the prestigious Romana Pilates in Moscow 2013. Olga got to work with the best classical teacher trainers; Cynthia Lockhard, Jamie Trout, Marjorie Oron, Cynthia Shipley, Trish Garland to mention a few. After 4 years of dilligent work, she completed the intensive program in 2017 passing all her exams.

Olga is a lover of all movement disciplines, from dance to gyrotonic, she is passionate about creating positive changes in the body and sharing her knowledge with her clients. She loves to teach them how to use their bodies correctly, not to have pain, to engage their powerhouse to become strong and confident.

HyunJeong Lee

She has over 10 years of experience in Pilates. She found the method when she used it to rehab herself back to strength after knee surgery. She became obsessed with the method that changed her life and embarked on a 950hr teacher training program in Boulder Colorado. Since then she has studied with first and second generations teachers including Jay Grimes, Sonje Mayo, and Sandy Shimoda. She has also completed a 9-week Biomechanics mentorship program with Resilient Rehand.


Office Manager/Front desk attendant