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Teacher Training Program

November 12, 2020 - September 12, 2021 Pure Pilates Studio Dubai, I-Rise Tower, 19th floor C3-4, Tecom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


An exclusive Pilates teacher training program aimed at preserving the work of Joseph Pilates and training teachers to master the method. The program is designed and carried out by the Master trainer from Jay Grimes lineage who is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with suitable participants. The headteacher of the program Susanna Foustok was a graduate of the highly sought-after mentorship program by the well-known First-generation teacher who learned directly from Joe Pilates. You will be learning authentic Pilates from the best teacher in a fully equipped Gratz studio. Our 600-hour program consists of seminars, workshops, and practice sessions over the course of one year. You will learn to teach Pilates as a complete method on all the apparatus as it was meant to be.

Program Director Susanna Foustok

Seminar Dates:

Basic Seminar
November 12-15 2020
Intermediate Seminar
February 4-7 2021
Advanced Seminar
May 13-16 2021
Small Apparatus and
Special Conditions Seminar
September 9-12 2021

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