Our Team

Susanna FoustokFounder of Pure / Instructor

Susanna has been teaching Pilates since 2003. She originally studied with Stott Pilates in Oxford and completed their full certification in 2007.

Her thirst for learning more led to the discovery of classical Pilates and she has been hooked ever since.

Susanna has spent the last 5 years travelling around the world training with the world’s leading classical Pilates trainers. In 2013 she was accepted to study under Jay Grimes in Vintage Pilates Los Angeles, a first generation master teacher who worked in Joseph and Clara Pilates’s studio over 10 years. She completed their intensive Masters Programme in 2014 and got invited to continue the mentorship programme with Jay until 2016.

Having managed a Pilates studio in Saudi Arabia and worked in several in Dubai, she opened her first own studio PURE in October 2014.

Lauren RenniePilates Instructor

Lauren began her Pilates teacher training with Body Control UK in 2006. After obtaining her qualification, she taught several years in a Pilates studio in North London while simultaneously running her own business as a freelance teacher offering private and group lessons.

After moving to Dubai she continued her teacher training with Pilates Moves (Australia), completing their reformer course. In 2010 Lauren started training with Susanna Foustok and is currently working to master the full classical system.

Khadijeh MadhounPilates Instructor

Khadijeh has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and she worked in this field for several years. Inspired by the transformative power of Pilates, Khadijeh decided to dramatically change careers in order to impact the lives of others. She immersed herself in a year long teacher certification programme at the Pilates Centre in Boulder Colorado. She completed over 900 hours in this well known comprehensive program covering all the different apparatus. Khadijeh furthered her skills by taking The Spacial Medicine Neurofascial Bridge Program. This gave her an added tools to help her clients to create permanent changes in their posture, recover from injuries and to work the body on an even deeper level.

This year, Khadijeh attended the Vintage Pilates Fall Camp and Workshops by Sandy Shimoda and First Generation Teacher Jay Grimes.

Apart from Pilates, Khadijeh has a passion for paddle boarding and Acro yoga.

Lia ChatzikyriakouPilates Instructor

Lia moved to Dubai from Greece to work as a flight attendant with Emirates Airlines in her quest to discover the world. The heavy workload led to chronic back pain and she turned to Pilates for help.

Lia started Pilates at Club Stretch in 2014 to help her recover. Just five sessions made a major difference to her body and kept her motivated to explore the endless benefits of Pilates. Pilates became a way of life and she realised that she wanted to share
the benefits with others. Lia enrolled in The Pilates Center’s Advanced Teacher Training Program offered at Club stretch in 2015 and successfully completed the program a year later. She also continued her commitment to continuos learning by attending summer workshops at the renowned Bluebird Pilates in Munich, Germany. Lia started her Teaching Career in Club Stretch before joining the PURE Team.

Natalie AadPilates Instructor

Natalie has been practicing Pilates for 7 years. She started her training in the original method as a private client of Susanna more than 5 years ago. The passion turned into a professional interest and she completed PURE Apprenticeship Program with over 300 hours of learning and observation under Susanna’s guidance. Natalie also attended workshops led by Sandy Shimoda in 2016 and the Vintage Pilates Fall Camp 2017 with Jay Grimes, First Generation Master Teacher.

Natalie is also certified Personal Trainer from American Council on Exercise (ACE). She has real passion for Pilates and is enthusiastic to share her experience with others, creating life long habits for a healthier life for her clients.

Kelly AhearnPilates Instructor